Wax To Crayons!

By: Nikita Pillai


Do you like to color? Well, you did read the right place! I am going to teach you how crayons are made! so lets get started!


When they invented crayons. They started to sell pretty fast .When they put the wax in the ingredient .When they start to give the wax for the factory.


The melted wax goes in the truck.They take the wax to the factory .They also take the wax to the factory. They also take it safely. When they give it to the workers


Then when they are done they give it to other stores and once they are done they start to give more and sell faster and make it faster.

Fun Facts

They make 2 billion crayons and they were suitable in schools from 1903 and make crayons by solar energy.


Be curious and thank you for reading my story
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