Law Enforcement

Alexis Gallegos Individual Career Plan

What to know About the Law Enforcement


Education Requirements and other Requirements.

  • High School diploma at minimum
  • College Degree or Higher..
  • graduate from a police academy.
  • Must be at least twenty-one years old or older.
  • Must meet rigorous and physical qualifications.
  • Must be U.S citizen.


In 2010 Police officers and Detectives made an average of $55,010.

Illinois statistics

  • 53,099 median.
  • Overall average ranges from $44,223-$62,660.


  • Police Officers protect lives and property.
  • Detectives and agents gather evidence of possible crimes.
  • Overall the whole law enforcement fights to protect all of us and all property and also uphold our economy.

About Me

I am currently a high school freshmen student. I plan to attend the University of St. Francis in Joliet Illinois to study Law Enforcement and get a degree in Law. My dream job is too become a FBI agent. I picked a career in Law Enforcement because public safety and support is important and is good to give. Public Safety is needing an increase so I believe I would fit in this job due to my hard work and focused attitude.
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