Ms. Gee's Counseling Corner

October 19- October 23

Notes from Ms. Gee

Although this year is not like any other, I find myself so grateful for this season we are in. I never knew it could feel like the first day of school so many different times in the course of a single year, but here we are during this transition and the last three weeks have felt like the first day of school each Monday as we have welcomed new groups of students each week. Schedules have changed multiple times, teachers have changed, and yet our community continues to handle each transition with grace and ease.

Thank you for your patience as we are working through the various pieces of this phase-in process. It has been fun to see the excitement in student's eyes as they come to school each morning and to talk to students in classrooms both virtually and in person. I continue to look positively at the future and what school will hold for the rest of the semester and continue to enjoy the seasonal transition as well, as we begin to welcome fall.

Fifth Grade Leadership Change

We will continue to do fifth grade leadership, BUT it will look different now that we have some students on campus and others continuing to learn at home. Leadership will now take place in your child's homeroom and it will be right after morning meeting from 8:10-8:40.

I will be working with small groups of students to complete announcements and help with big projects, like No Place for Hate. This week, this time will continue to be spent with your homeroom and starting next week, we will discuss with students what leadership will look like moving forward.

We want to continue to make this optional for students, but we are still working out logistics. Please be patient as we are trying to figure out the best way to navigate this. Thank you.

Morning Announcements

As you all know, Ms. Muehling had her sweet baby girl and is now on maternity leave, which means I have taken over morning announcements. To streamline the process a bit, I have changed a few things.

In order to view announcements please log in with your students account. The announcements are posted at the top of the Bryker Woods Community page under "Announcements." If you want to go back to view earlier announcements you can click on the announcements tab and you can see all earlier posts.

I am still working on the best way to put the video together, so please bare with me as it is bound to change over the course of the next few weeks.

New This Year

This school year, we have a Bryker Woods Counseling Blend Page. Each homeroom teacher should have a link for it on their personal home pages.

What you can find there...

  • Zoom link for office hours and lunch bunches
  • Community resources (Agencies offering group/individual counseling in the community)
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Asynchronous lessons K-5th
  • Student request forms
  • Parent/Teacher request forms
  • Student resources (Peace room and SEL Library)

Please feel free to look at this page and play around with the different tools

Student Check-Ins

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be meeting with every student to do a general check-in with them. We know that during this time of navigating a global pandemic, that everyone is operating on some level of trauma. The goal of this check-in is to simple understand from the students perspective how they are feeling/functioning at a social, emotional, and academic level.

The check-in will be completed during students asynchronous time so they will not be missing any direct teaching. I will start with our fifth grade students and will work down by grade level. I will communicate with your students teachers to conduct a sign-up to meet with every child.

I am currently working on check-ins with all of the students that are on campus right now and then will reach out to those doing remote learning in the next week or so.

Virtual Walk Against Hate

We completed our first No Place for Hate Project this week as we all got moving and participated in a virtual Walk Against Hate. Our community goal was to "walk" 400 miles, and I can't wait to announce our community total on Tuesday morning.

Our focus as a school, was to specifically think of ways we could stand up against bias, bigotry, and bullying. Students and families went for walks with the dog, went on bike rides, while other roller skated and skateboarded around the neighborhood. Thank you for working together to show our community that we will stand up against hate for good.