Shures Family Traditions

by Jeremy Shures


Everyone is baptized into the Catholic Church soon after birth.

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All boys play hockey in my family, including uncles and cousins.

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Every summer our family has a big camping trip, rain or shine. All the aunts, uncles, and cousins come out.

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Generally all the boys in my family get their hunting license around age 13. We go out for family hunting trips at least once or twice a year

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On Thanksgiving day my dad's side of the family comes over to our house for lunch and dinner.

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To celebrate birthdays we go out to eat at a restaurant of the person's choice with my Grandma and Grandpa.

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Sweet 16

When a kid turns 16 we get a car, but we also have to get a job.

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Each year on Easter we go to my cousins house and have lunch and the little kids have an Easter egg hunt.

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we go over to my mom's parents' house for dinner with that side of my family and to exchange gifts with them.


Christmas morning we open presents at my house then go over to my aunt's house for lunch, presents with the extended family, and dinner.

Adult Tradition #1

Odds are that I will end up getting married as an adult.

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Adult Tradition #2

And because I'll be married I'll probably end up having a kid.