Customize Your iPad

Set Up Your Gaggle Email

Start by going to ....

Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendar > Other > Add Mail Account

Fill in Page 1 as seen below with your information (Do not copy the information on the screen!)

Big image

Then go to the next page and enter your information...

Big image

Click Next

Turn On Mail and turn Off Notes.

You're done! Your email should populate over the next few minutes.

Customize Your Sound

Adjust the sounds that your iPad makes. You can control whether and what type of sound your iPad makes when you send and receive mail, have a reminder alert, and more.

To adjust the sounds go to Settings > General > Sounds.

Push Notifications

Turn off your push notifications. Unless you want to be constantly reminded of emails, IM's and other notifications you will most likely want to disable this feature. To do this go to

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Push > Off.

Create Alarms

Turn on your Alarm. Go to Clock > Alarms and set any alarms you may need.

Some suggestions:

  1. Set an alarm for you to remember to plug in your iPad to charge before bed.
  2. Set an alarm for you to remember to grab your iPad before you go out the door in the mornings
  3. Set an alarm to remind you when it is time to go see a specialist teacher, such as Mrs. Sloop or Mr. Byrd