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Summer Sunshine

Our Spring Brunch provided such overwhelming energy! I went home with a sense of urgency and excitement! Each of us in our individual journeys, coming together in support of one another! Amazing! The wonderful honorees and speakers recharged our souls & provided an empowering perspective. Read more about implementing that energy for some Summer Sunshine in the article below!

Upcoming Events

Youth Mentor Initiative

Here We Grow! Youth Mentor Initiative. Connecting with young ladies focused on shining from the inside - out!

Finance. Health. Creativity. College Preparedness. Etiquette.

To participate in the Winter Mentor Event

Text "Mentor" to 404-573-7275

Ages 5-18 Registration Coming Soon!

Fall Rooftop Event -- Sat. September 17th 2016 7:00 PM

Countdown to our Rooftop Event !!!

7:00 PM, September 17th. Downtown Atlanta.

REGISTER TODAY!!!! Limited Attendance.

Wine Tasting & Social Event. Let's Celebrate!

Text Let's Celebrate to


Additional info at link below


Holistic Assessment: Overall Health

The following questions have been tailored for Power Brunch attendees to assess your overall health from a physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual perspective.

Review the questions & make these changes daily to improve your overall health.

Link Below:


2016 Power Brunch Attendees List & Sponsors


We will continue to network, unite, and thrive!! See link below listing of Power Brunch registration list & sponsors. Keep in touch !

Spring Power Brunch Registration Contact List (link below)


Spring Power Brunch Sponsors & Partners Information

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Summer Shine (Continued)

Think back to your emotional space at the brunch....Were you Inspired? Eager? Hopeful? Did you follow that excitement, or did you find yourself back in the day to day hustle? I admit - it's a challenge; once you've returned home and that never ending to-do list - never ends.

I've recently implemented an approach that I like to call "Simple Manifestations" I know for sure that goals are achieved by making small changes, daily. I started to act on exactly where my mental space was at the moment. When it crosses my mind to eat more veggies - I do just that, I hurry down stairs & create a mini veggie spread. If I found myself daydreaming about that exciting project. I took a moment & gave it may attention - even if it was just 3 minutes of typing ideas in my notes app. When my daughters' recent math score of counting money lingered in my thoughts, I stepped away from the dishwasher, grabbed some coins and sat on the couch with my little one. I started to feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Without this approach these things take up space in our heads, delay our productivity and mastery of a a balanced mindset. Afterwards, I celebrate the manifestation. Those small actions are actual manifestations! We think it, feel it tugging at our souls, and we create it! These small manifestations contribute to the large ones. We all want to thrive, we want to be present & awake!

Remember Laterral's approach to writing things down? Give it a try! I'm excited hear of your success implementing these small changes at our Fall Wine & Grind Rooftop Event. I have attached a Holistic Assessment created by Tiffany & Dalana. I'm hopeful that these small habits contribute to your own Simple Manifestations.

Please email your articles on how you Lead. Cultivate. Inspire. for features in the next newsletter. Don't allow the fear of imperfect editorials delay you. There are (and will probably continue to be) errors in my newsletters. That will not detour my goal of using this newsletter and the upcoming events to bring you lots of Summer Sunshine!

Happy Summer!





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