Keystone Assessment

Aisha Alnaqbi

Student Description

I choose a student who has a mental disability. She is in grade 5, she is very quite and her family is taking care of her a lot.

Here are some of the student's strength, weakness, and the provided learning goals.

  • Strength: She knows the basic language and she is trying so hard to learn like her colleagues in the class.
  • Weakness: She is getting bored quickly, and she is forgetting what she is learned in the class easily. Sometimes she has difficulties in remembering the places.
  • Learning goals: The plan is to recognize the letters in Arabic as well as English as much as she can, also the shapes and colors by providing some digital programs to assist her learning.

Learning Envirnoment

She has a specialist in the school where she always having her one or two classes per day alone in some subjects like, Arabic and sometimes English. But in other subjects, she is studying with her colleagues in the class. Note: the number of students in the class is 22.

The classroom is provided with some of technology tools like data-show, TV, and computer. Plus the speakers. However, there is no special technology tool for her condition.

In classroom she is happy with her colleagues and everyone likes her and helps her if she needs help. That's why she likes to come to school everyday.


Learning Tasks

During the class time, the learners tasks should be very precise based on their learning. Therefore, for the learners they have to be able to recognize the concept of creating a story based on this website that explains the use of puppet pals (

The main idea is to develop their understanding of using narrative stories and apply it by using different tasks. For example, creating a text, recording, choosing the character as well as the background. In the assessment part, there are detailed tasks for each type of learners.


Alphabetizing - A Montessori Approach to Language

This app is very beneficial for the special need case and this is her favourite and she is happy to use it since she knows the letters and recognize it. Here is a description of the app:

The app is very effective especially in her case where she can place the letter in the alphabetic order. When she use this app, it assists her to remember the places of the letters as well as helping her to remember where she can develop her ability in memorizing.


Based on UDL where every student should work in the same classroom environment with the focus on their needs in learning. Bellow, there is the plan that can include the special need during the class time.

The assignment will be different in each group including the special need case. Therefore, a group will be responsible in creating a dialogue for the story; the other group will be focused on creating the suitable characters and decide the best background. Another group will be recording their voice for the story.

Note: the special need case can help with the group of recording since she can talk simple words like: Hi, Bye, See you, and Thank you. Therefore, she would have the chance to participate with other students.

In addition, special need case can also join the group who use the computers. To be more specific, she can move the characters in the app while the other are recording.

All in all, this plan support the UDL class since each student will have the opportunity to participate in the assessment but in a different way. Considering that teacher knows every students habit or their learning style, so she can manage to create an enjoyable UDL class.