From the Story of Odyssey by Homer

First Characitstic of Odysseus

Odysseus is strong beacuse " At first my men begged me to take some cheeses and go then to drive the lambs and the kids from the pens down to the swift ship and set sail." The reason he was proved to be strong because he stood up to the giant because he was going to wait until or fight until he was too see the giant.

Second Characitstic of Odysseus

Odysseus is proved to be smart because "he told the giant his name is nobody so when he called he said " because nobody was his name. I think if he would of not told the giant his name the giant probaly would not invited them into the cave and had cheese together.

Third Characitstic of Odysseus

The reason that odysseus is courageous because " draw my sharp sword and feeling for the place where the midriff supports." He is this way becasue he wasnt afraid to do anything or stand up for his man when it needed to happen. Also if nobody would of come up with his plan the crew and him probaly would of died in the cave if they would of not moved the big stone.

The Picture

The picture shows how Odysseus is strong, smart, and courageous.