5 Trends to avoid

In relation to menswear trends, there are ‘swerves’: deviations from standard that mark you out as a guy capable of overtaking in the fashion fast lane. Then there are those that you ought to swerve altogether if you don’t need to resemble a car crash.

That’s not to imply you can’t place pedal to the metallic on the most recent must-have pieces, especially if you wish to avoid being accused to getting stuck in first gear. But some looks are as a result out there they might need insurance.

Besides, it’s always better than skip as in ‘avoid’ , rather than ‘regretfully bin’.


It’s hard to think we even have to write that berets certainly are a trend, substantially less you should skip them, but c’est la function. If you’re Skepta or Che Guevara afterward perhaps you can accomplish the activist-chic headgear

Block Primary Colours

A chromatically impactful look is some of those that works definitely better on the catwalk or Instagram than it will IRL. (Which is like most trends nowadays, but maybe that’s just us.) Much of your directive in the case of combining block colors in a Lego palette is: steer clear of, unless you’re presenting an early on morning children’s TV show, that's.

Eighties/Nineties Blazers

Alongside ugly trainers and stonewashed jeans, normcore/dadcore has resurrected tailoring that’s oversized and boxier when compared to a regular human trying in Anthony Joshua’s suit jacket. The truth is, you’ll be laughed at even though you may not you’re not the titular superstar of Seinfeld,

Nineties/Noughties sunglasses

When it comes to eyewear for the warmer months, designers may actually have caught the turn-of-the-millennium bug, with smaller sized frames and squarer lenses, and references ranging from Britpop to The Matrix.


Keep in mind that whole thing about trends operating better on the catwalk and Instagram than in actual life? If you’re not sitting on a beach, hands outstretched, in a music video recording, then all-white-errthang is normally beyond the pale, not forgetting impractical. You’re just asking for grass stains, or worse.

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