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probation officers

by shakia and kirsten

Yvonne Nelson - Probation Officer

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information about probation officers

Most probation officers work to manage with offenders in order to protect the community and reduce incidence of reoffending . Probation officers work with offenders in custody,those released from prison on license and those serving community based sentence.In addition probation officers manage to enforce the conditions of community orders,community orders are an alternative to a prison sentence,young and older offenders are required to engage in components such as community payback,(unpaid work),offending behaviour programmes and alcohol and drug rehabilitation activities

second part

Probation and parole officers play an important role in helping to ensure public safety by managing offenders sentenced to serve their sentences in the community.Probation officers will have to face alot of dangerous courses.Parole officers in Canada play a critical role at both the institutional and community levels. Their primary function is to assess risk and manage the intervention process with offenders throughout their sentence.Once the offender has entered the federal correctional system, parole officers assess the needs of offenders, such as their programming needs, and the security risks they pose.needs. Subsequently, offenders are matched with selected institutional services such as rehabilitation programs. This includes identifying the factors contributing to criminal behavior, developing intervention plans to address them, and helping offenders to undertake and complete those intervention plans.

interesting facts about probation officer

1.probation officers will have to go through a lot of dangerous courses

2.probation officers come to see if you are at home the time you are supposed to be there and if you are not you will get to be on probation even longer then you where the first time