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"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford

Communicate, Communicate and Communicate!

Please make sure that you communicate with your teammates and really work together. This year we are raising the bar on the expectations for our students, but we also want to raise the bar on the expectations for our staff. We can not go in the 2015- 2016 school year with the same issues from 2014-2015. If that is the case, we will get the same results. We have to act different, talk different and walk different. Let's be the model for our students to replicate. Being an educator is hard work with many long days/long nights with little to show from it. But you cant do it alone, everyone needs help. When Principle Lockhart, when through the data of our school, she did not say well this teacher scored this or this teacher scored that. No, we went through the data as grade levels and assessed what the grade level did. That means we have to work together, and be there for each other. That does not mean taking advantage of a teammate and making them do most of the work. But it means pulling your weight, working together and getting the job done. We ask our students to give us their BEST but lets make sure we are also giving our staff/students our BEST.

Shout Out to our STEM Team Meeting! Our STEM Team was GREAT! As we look at STEM at Bluford, we have been successful in small pockets like specials and in certain classrooms. But now we are going to push for our educators to integrate STEM more in their classroom and create a more inquiry based environment. Educators should push to utilize STEM in their classrooms daily. As we found out in the STEM Meeting, teachers/ students were excited at the opportunity to work/ learn about STEM. Educators please do not forget the Elephant Room, which is STEM. It can help reach the so called "UnReachable Students". Thanks again for all your support!

Shout Out to our 4th Grade Teachers, Ms.Alexander and Ms. Ferguson! Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Alexander, came up with a clever plan where they put questions to students on label stickers. This helps students that struggle with seeing the board, but it also helps when students want to review their work. Way to go Ms. Alexander and Ms Ferguson!

Shout Out to Miss. Harmon! Thursday, Miss. Harmon went to save her lesson plans to a Bluford Computer, then the lesson plans magically disappeared! We tried to find the lesson plans on her computer but with no avail. But with Miss. Littlejohn's help, Miss. Harmon rewrote her lesson plans and turned them in before the deadline. As teammates,we have to look out for each other and be willing to pick each other up occasionally to get the job done. If Miss. Littlejohn didn't stay late would she be wrong, No, but those are the type of moments that build comradery with your teammates throughout the year. Way to go!

Shout Out to Ms. Swofford! Last year, we had Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Swofford, as our laminating queens that provided most of the laminating for our school. But now with the retirement of Mrs. Stanley last year, we are down to one. Nevertheless, Mrs. Swofford has picked up the slack and has stayed after school to help our school with laminating our materials. Mrs. Swofford, we appreciate all your hard work and we thank you for doing that for us. Way to go Mrs. Swofford!

Shout Out to Ms. Osborne, Miss. Harmon and Mrs. Spence! These teachers participated in the First STEM Slam, this was a session, where we discussed helpful apps and websites that they could use in their classroom. STEM Slams are sessions each week where I will ask for a grade level to come and we will go through the adventures of STEM! I promise you will at least take home at least one valuable piece of information, that you can use with your students. Way to go Ms. Osborne, Miss. Harmon and Mrs. Spence!

Shout Out to Miss. Copeland! Miss. Copeland recently has found an awesome free website called ReadTheory. Read Theory allows students to take an initial diagnostic test with 10 short paragraphs with 1 question each. Once they have completed this test it places them on a grade level. They then continue to work on longer passages and questions that help them to move up if they meet the skills needs or down if they need more work. It constantly adapts to their needs with each passage. They earn points and such but I am not sure what they use them for yet. It keeps up with data and has several reports that can be viewed to see progress. Read Theory is something that all of our students can use in their classroom! Way to go Miss. Copeland!

Thanks for all your help

Mr. Chairs