Surf Sulfur in Space !

Basic Information

  • Symbol: S
  • Atomic Number: 16
  • Atomic Weight: 32.06
  • Group: 16
  • Period: 3
  • Color: Pale Yellow
  • Classification: Non-Metallic

Additional Facts

Sulfur is used in Sulfuric Acid, which is used in batteries and in the combination of fertilizers and polyamides. Sulfur compounds are also used in bleaching of dried fruits and for paper products. Sulfur is also used in black gunpowder. It is used as a fungicide, as a fumigant, and used in the vulcanization of natural rubber. Sulfur is a pale yellow, odorless, brittle solid, which is not soluble in water. Sulfur has a density of 1960 kg m-3. Sulfur also reacts with all of the Hallogens upon heating.

Sulfur Around Us

A minor component of body fluids, fats, and skeletal minerals. It is a key component in most proteins because it is in the amino acids methionine and cysteine. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), which is used in the photosynthesis of bacteria, contains Sulfur. Sulfur is found near volcanoes and hot springs. Sulphide minerals are widely distributed in minerals such as iron pyrites, salts, barite, and celestite. Jupitar’s moon Lo contains Sulfur. Sulfur is also found in meteorites.

History of Sulfur

Came from the Sanskrit word “Sulvere” meaning “sulphur, also coming from the Latin word “sulpherium” meaning “sulphur”. In ancient times referred to as brimstone. The discoverer of Sulfur is unknown at an unknown time in an unknown place.