Summer Time Updates

New Classroom Teacher Introductions

Happy summer, Bronco Families! The third week of summer vacation is in full effect. Many of you know Branch has had a lot of staff changes. This update is to welcome our new teaching staff to the Bronco Bunch. Please meet three of our new classroom teachers. Below you will find a snapshot of each teacher.

Summer Fun

How are you all spending your summer days? Place a comment below and include a “proof of summer fun” photo too!

Here is me behind the camera at the foggy beach with the kids. We had fun walking to the top of the steep hill in Avila Beach.


Mrs. Whitney

Branch Elementary School

Branch Elementary School serves students from the rural countryside near Arroyo Grande, located along the picturesque coastline of San Luis Obispo County. Originally founded in 1889 by F.Z. Branch, the school maintains a sense of its rich history and close-knit family feeling, while providing a rigorous academic program. The caring, dedicated, and experienced staff works in tandem with parents and community members to ensure all students at Branch Elementary School receive the highest quality education possible.