Book Thief Escapes Once Again.

The Book Thief escapes with 3 books at hand.

The Book Theif

The novel is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This presentation was made by Mohit Pande in Mrs. Adams class, period 6

In Germany ,January 1939 in Malchong

With Death as a narrator, he sees the book thief for the first time, on a train as they(Leisel,Welmer and her mother) get of the train, Welmer dies and Leisel and her mother try to bury the body, as Leisel steals a book from one of the grave diggers. She and her mother continue their journey to a town called Molching, where Liesel will be raised by foster parents, Hans and Rosa Hubermann and for the first couple days, she doesn't like her new home but her dad, Hans wins her over by teaching her to roll a cigar. As she gets used to her new life she meets some friends, one of which is named Rudy, who is basically in love with an American Athlete Jesse Owens, who later becomes her best friend. A boy comes to stay with the Hubermanns and we find out that Hans was in WW I and that the Boy known as Max, is another soldier's son who saved Hans life. As they take the boy in Leisel starts writing in a notebook which she got while stealing books from the Mayors family. Later after Rudy and Leisels families die in a bombing she finds Rudy's body and gives him the kiss he pestered her for ever since the first day they met. After this Leisel moves and grows to an old age. When Death comes to take her soul he show her the book she wrote all those years ago.


Main Characters:

Death: As the book starts he seem to have a somewhat dark sense of humor but as the book goes on he does show remorse for taking all those souls.

Leisel Meminger: From the beginning of the story she turns from an angry, heat filled child to a girl with a strong moral code and will/can endanger everything to defend it.

Hans Hubermann: He is Leisel's stepfather who is the first person to win her trust in her new life.

Rosa Hubermann: Leisels stepmother who at first seems very impatient but is actually nice on the inside.

Max Vanderburg: He is a boy who came to hide with the Hubermanns and is withdrawn at first but later tells about his hate towards Hitler

Supporting Characters:

Ilsa Herman: The Mayors wife who at the beginning is barely able to function but as she meets Leisel she shows how nice she can really be.

All are fake.

The Holocaust:

In 1933, the JPOE (Jewish Population Of Europe) stood at over nine million. Most European Jews lived in countries that Nazi Germany would occupy or influence during WWII. By 1945, the Germans and their forces killed nearly two out of every three Jews. Although Jews, whom the Nazis deemed a priority danger to Germany, were the primary victims of Nazi racism, other victims included some 200,000 Roma (Gypsies). At least 200,000 mentally or physically disabled patients, mainly Germans, living in institutional settings, were murdered in the Euthanasia Program.

Figurative Langauage

'The sky is blue today, Max, and there is a big long cloud, and it's stretched out like a rope" This is a simile. Its comparing a big long cloud to a long rope.(Pg.249)

"A necklace of sweat had formed around her throat"

Metaphor: That is comparing a necklace to sweat.(Pg.122)

"Even death has a heart"

Personification: That is giving death ,which is technically not a person humanistic traits.


"Only they would've scorched your lips"(Pg.13)

That is a hyperbole. They didn't actually scorch her lips.


Schweighen-Silence. There was a lot of awkward Schweighen in Leisels house at first

Gelengenbeit-Opportunity. Rudy gave Leisel a Gelengenbeit to teach her to read.

Zufriedenheit- Happiness. Leisel did not find Zufriedenheit at first with her new family.

Prolific-To produce many offspring or fruits. Leisel made prolific progress at reading

Nachtrauern-Regret. Death Nachtrauerns the way Rudy died