News and Notes from Mrs. Epple

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Week of Sept. 23

We had a great week and I am amazed at how much we are already learning. I have been putting grades on engrade so you can look but we will discuss it on conference day. You will get a better idea of how your child is doing by checking their folder each day and discussing what they did and analyzing their errors.


Essential Question: Who is a writer?

Sight Words: from this week

they too fun make

Sight Words: for next week

jump move run two


this week short o

next week s blends: sl sk spl st sn sw

r blends: br gr tr fr cr


Comprehension skill: We worked on retelling a story by including key details.


questions and eclamations

Written Language:

The children had to write a small moment story with a beginning, middle, and an end.


We are working on story problem using addition. The children have to write an equation and draw a picture to go with it. I do all the reading and make them circle the important parts. Each is work 2 points.


equal greater than less than number sentence

Carson Reading Room

We went in as a class and the kids were a little too excited. This yea,r there was a camping room added with a tent and bonfire that the kids could read next too.

Contacting me...

The best way to contact me is to email me or call before 9:00 am. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Special Schedule

Mon: PE- Art

Tues. PE


Thurs. library

Fri: PE


1.Sometimes the AC is cold in our room so make sure your child has a sweater or sweatshirt. Other times it is sticky and humid but it is better to have a sweater to put on.

2. Make sure your child's extra clothes bag has weather appropriate clothes.

3. BCPS Parent area ( has many great resources for parents. Here are two that are great. Growing Up Digital: resources for students and parents using technology Parent University: resources from curriculum information to homework help can be found here