JCS Parent Involvement Partners

January 2016

Happy New Year!

There is something about January. New calendar, new perspective, and new plans. I just love it. This year is no different! After much research and plan making in the Fall, I am looking forward to working with JCS schools, parents, and staff to create the perfect Parent Involvement path for YOU! What new plan can you make for this semester to plug-in or change-up your Parent Involvement with your student?!

Finding the SOLUTION in reSOLUTION!

For many adults, the beginning of January rings in a season of resolutions. We set lofty goals with a strong will, yet, often without a firm plan on achieving the goal. Popular resolutions like "Exercise more" fall short because it's too broad of a statement. We don't schedule a time for that exercise each week. It doesn’t get a good root to take hold.... therefore, it never really grows or has a chance.

In the same way, our students often make similar resolutions in August for the new school year. They may say "read more", but again, time isn't designated on the calendar and outside influences take over. So, this January is the perfect time to work with your student on setting some resolutions for the second half of the school year.

* Keep resolutions positive! Discuss things to improve on instead of things to stop. For example, instead of "I will not procrastinate in doing homework" try, "I will finish my homework each day by dinnertime".

* Be concrete, specific, and manageable in making resolutions.

* Have them set a timeframe with each resolution. "I will improve my reading by... reading each night for 15 minutes".

* Help your student narrow down their list. A couple things to focus on is better than letting many things go.

* Make Family Resolutions! Monthly game nights, reading through a chapter book, or acts of service together.

* Follow Up with your child about their resolutions, but do not pester! Affirm how hard a resolution can be, ask what obstacles are in their way, and help them get excited again about the resolution.