Alice High School Newsletter

December 15, 2014

Happenings this week:

Attendance Summary for the first 3 Weeks of the 3rd Six Weeks

As you know, our daily goal for attendance is 95% for all grade levels. The graphic below shows the weekly average for each grade level. We did have one day last week where the junior class met the daily goal of 95% and the senior class exceeded the daily goal by reaching 96%. They had only 10 students absent.

If you can think of any incentives we can give to students to help us reach this daily goal, please share it with one of the administrators. Please remind students of the incentives currently in place.
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With the anticipation of the Christmas/Winter Holidays and the special events scheduled this week, students are likely to be more restless than usual. Please make every effort to capitalize on your class time, and to have students actively engaged in the lesson.

Remember that you can announce that students will not need their electronic devices and therefore they should not be visible in the classroom. If they ask to go to the restroom, you can give permission provided they leave their phone behind. This might stop many students from making frequent restroom visits.

Students learn about oral histories

Students in Dr. Sonia Noyola class learned about oral histories and completed a project during which they gathered oral histories, transcribed them and then presented them before an audience. They have been invited to contribute their oral histories to the Alice Public Library and participated in a presentation where Dr. Mark Robbins of Del Mar College discussed the importance of oral histories as another perspective to historical events. Last week they participated in a Skype discussion about their projects with a professor from The Univeristy of Texas.

Pictured are Dr. Mark Robbins, Jorge Cantu, Evelyn Ramos, Noreen Cadena, Oscar Montalvo, Charlina Garcia, Gabrielle Guzman, Dr. Noyola, Clarissa Guzman, and Erin Guttierrez.
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Our Wish for You

During this holiday season, may you find peace, joy, and rest, and may you enjoy the time spent with your families. We'll see you in the new year!


Birthdays this week and the weeks ahead

December 15 - Liza Almaraz
December 17 - Celina Garcia
December 18 - Corina Maldonado; Nadia Moreno
December 19 - Maurice Bernsen
Decembe 20 - Nelda Garcia
December 22 - Melly Arizpe
Decemer 23 - Isabel Garcia
December 24 - Christina Campos; Bonnie Reyna
December 27 - Amanda Pena
December 28 - Janay Gonzalez
December 31 - Randy Rogers
January 1 - Leslie Davis
January 3 - Lonnie Adams
January 5 - Elvira Trejo