Bring It to the stage.

2015 By:Shambri Morgan & Chloe Clark

Bring It To The Stage Helps Support Forensics & FCCLA!

Welcome ,friends and family to the 2015 Forensics showcase.Hosted by the Forensics

2014-15 team and the RPEMS FCCLA members!

A dinner will be served tonight along with a dessert,all food was donated by members of the FCCLA.We hope you have a great night as you watch the top performances in Forensics "Bring it to the stage!".While enjoying your meal!

Times and Performances-April 11th

6:30 p.m. -8:45 p.m.

Note that there will be a 10-15 minute intermission during which dessert could be served.In the library there will also be a Debate team apperance in Act ||

6:30~Showcase begins!

Ian Van Horn "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots"-Storytelling

Becca Bessette & Chloe Coons "Charlotte's Web"-Dramatic Duo

Spence Harris & Spencer perry "TBA"-Improve Duet Acting

Larissa Wratney "Three Billy Goats Gruff"-Storytelling

Kaylee & Abby "The Revenge of The Gingerbread Man"-Humorous Duo

Cece Moss "Now That Andi's Gone"-Prose

Zoie "The Brother's Grimm Spectaculathon"-Humorous Duo

Courtney Farr "Alice's Adventures with Poorly Cooked Cafeteria Seafood"-Humorous Interp

Katie Clewell "TBA"-Impromptu Speaking

Matthew Stewart "Tacking The Penguin"-Storytelling

Ella Schnake "Disney Mom's Therapy Group"-Humorous Interp

Tayler Bates "Mockingbird"-Dramatic Interp


After you pay you will be greeted by 2 FCCLA members,Shambri Morgan & Chloe Clark.Then you will be asked to find an open table to sit at.Some tables though will be reserved for

families who donated and participated in opening the show tonight.Those tables will be labeled so we ask you to please acknowledge those labels even if the family hasn't arrived yet.Thank you.