locks and lockers

by Kyler, Rylee,Rae,Daniel,Dakota

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Certain things you can and can not put in the lockers

She said you can not put stuff that's not aloud in school or stickers. Papers, books, and other school stuff and phones are aloud but they have to be off.

The rules to the lockers

The lockers have some rules like no putting stickers on, no writing, no putting stuff that's not aloud in school.

How many kids do you need to help each day

She said that at the begging each kid needs help and in the middle and the end the kids know how to do it.

In middle school was there locks on the lockers.

When she was in middle school the locks were attached to the lockers

How do you feel about the lockers

She likes the style, the locks and the lockers them self.

Do you think the steps are easy?

She thinks the steps are easy and there's only three numbers.
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