Warren Middle School

There's an group/club/activity for everyone

Girls Athletics

The purpose of girls athletics is to get you fit. These are all the benefits of being in this: it gets you in shape, it has sports teams you can be on, you do have a few days where you don't work out, and it builds team work. Also, it poses a few challenges in being in this activity like: you have to run a lot, have hard workouts, and you don't get to do anything cosmetic, plus, you have to wear gym clothes to school. There is currently about ninety-nine girls enrolled one of could be you!



This activity's purpose is to teach you how to play an instrument.In this you get to play what you want, you get to play in front of people, if you have a competition you get to miss school, and finally playing an instrument has been proven to make you smarter. Although this activity has a few challenges like it is very expensive and the fact that it is hard to learn; band is a great activity to be in.

Student Council

Student Council is a great group to be in because it's purpose is to build leaders. The benefits are:you get to be in parades, you get to make changes to the school, you get to organize the dances/events, and you get to organize the fund raisers; the challenges include: it has a lot of stress in it and you don't always get what you want. But still, all in all is is a great group to be involved with.

Musical Theater

The purpose of this activity is to make you a better singer/actor/dancer. Also, it makes you less shy and have more self-confidence, it lets you be social, you get to preform in front of people, and it makes you a better dance/singer/actor. It has a few disadvantages though like you have to practice a lot and you have to get stuff like costumes and jazz shoes that can be expensive. This activity is very awesome and you should definitely join this.

Warriors For Christ

Warriors for Christ is a cool club to be in, and it's purpose is to praise the lord. It has many benefits including: you get to praise the lord, you get to meet fellow christians, you get to socialize, and you get to stay on the right path. The disadvantages of being in this club is that you have to meet in the morning during tutorials and that if you don't belive in that religion. But, it is a great club if you like praising the 1 true God that created us.