Stereotypes and violence in games

In some games girls are portrayed as a "sidekick" or as just that one girl who screams the whole time. But in role playing games everybody are treated as equals. An other stereotype is that FPS's are supposed to be played by only boys. When 1 of 4 gamer's are girls. Lastly, it is said that girl play more party games like: Mario party, Wii sport or other dance games and that boys play FPS's and zombie killers.

Are violent video games making people violent

In a study they did with 100 people they made half play Mortal Kombat and the other half play Mario. Then after 20 minutes of playing they told them to dole out hot sauce to someone. They were told the person didn't like hot food. The people who played Mortal Kombat doled out more hot sauce to they person than the people that played Mario.