Jordan Swinhart

Manchester U.K

Getting There

For flying to Manchester from Denver Colorado, all round trip for two adults is $2,688.80with one layover/going there and back but on the trip back from Manchester to Denver Colorado had two layovers one in London and the second one in Dallas, Texas. the cost at all 4 airports was around $300.00. Bringing my total town to $7,012. We chose United airlines because each seat has a TV on the back and when you get on board you get to pick your seat ware ever you would like.

Where to Stay

The place to stay if you have a lot of money left over for four days is the Lowry hotel, For this reason. First the hotel is a pint house on a river bed so it costs $5,515.00.the good part about it is that it has 2 bedrooms a living room and a gigantic bathroom with a ceiling shower and with a spa. After the hotel price it will bring your price down to $1,497. We chose the Lowry hotel because the pint house is on the river bed with a spa and a rain water shower head also with a living room, 2 bed rooms, and a full kitchen. but as you could see we chose it mostly because it had a awesome design.


For activities we r doing a Manchester United soccer game that will cost $145.40 for both of us combined. Another activity is the history of transportation. It will cost $100.00 for both of us combined. The ending total for activities is $245.00 bring our amount down to $1,252.


One problem is that $10,000 US dollars equals 7,210.85 Euros. The solution about that was that I converted the Euros to Us dollars so we got it to add up to $1,252 left after the hole trip. Another problem and solution is you have to exchange your money so you can tip waiters and pay for gas so at the hotel we will exchange our money for Euros.

Lowry hotel .com


About the Traveler

Helow my name is Jordan swinhart and this trip is because i have always loved Manchester United and this is the way to watch them in the actual stadium and it would be very boring with out a friend so i am bringing devin scudder on my trip so he can experience this with me and the hole audiens.

History & Culture

The Culture of Manchester is very unique. They have amazing architecture. The . Despite being the 9th largest city as population, in Manchester, UK, and only the third largest conurbation, Manchester has been ranked as the Secound city in the UK in numerous catagories since the 2000s (decade). with an influential culture scene helping to elevate Manchester's importance in the national psyche.This has helped Manchester grow in population by around 20%in the past year or so, also it has helped the universities of Manchester for below graduates.