Mrs. Katona's Art Class

Sixth Grade Artsits

Sixth graders learned how to create a form of Japanese art called Notan.• Notan (濃淡) translates to “light and shade” in English. • It is a Japanese design concept that deals with the balance of light and dark areas. • Notan can be accomplished using a variety of media including printmaking, digital art, cut paper, paint, and pen & ink. Our sixth graders created their own Notan designs using cut paper and glue.

Here's how they turned out!

How to create a Japanese Notan

We began by drawing patterns on a 9" square piece of construction paper. We keep the images on or as close to the edge of the paper as possible. Images were keep simple to begin with and grew more daring as we progressed. Students were reminded that to create a line (as in the picture of the sun) a double line needs to be drawn and connected to create the right effect. Once the images are drawn we cut out the patterns keeping sure the pieces were in the right place before assembling.
Notice how each piece becomes the mirror image of the negative space. Images that are placed on the edge of the paper should touch at the edge. Once dry placement is done to their satisfaction they were glued in place.