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Dear Carolyn Hax: My son has gotten in to much trouble since he has gotten NeuroHeadsets. At first he thought it was just a game then he starts hacking places. So then he hacks the White House my son thinks he won't get caught. But now the people at the White House came and took him. I don't know what to do to keep him out of trouble.

From- Parent That Needs Help (Sam's Mom)

To:Parent That Needs Help

I have heard the news about NeuroHeadsets that the person in control of them has made people do bad thing. Now this is probably your son has been getting in to trouble. What you should do first take the NeuroHeadsets out of his room if it is still in there.Then try to see if you can talk to your son and try to find out what else he has done. If you are able to get your son don't let him really get on a computer because you don't want he to get in trouble again.

-Carolyn Hax

Movie Review

What would you think a hacker would do next?

There is a boy named Sam Wilson, and he thinks he can hack in to anything without getting caught. He goes to a convention with his friend Fargus he meet two other hackers with secret identities. They talk and tell ask Sam to hack into a place that you would think is hard to hack. They tell him to do because they want to how far he can go with hacking. To know what happens next you should go read the book or go see the movie to know all that happens with Sam, Fargus,and the two friends with secret identities.

She said, "You may be able to implant an image, even a taste or a smell, but I don't think you can implant the feelings that went with the experience that created the memory.

Future Article

There was a teenage girl who wanted NeuroHeadsets but her mom always told her no because of all the things she heard about them. Well one day she goes to the store by herself and she buys NeuroHeadsets after her mom said she couldn't buy them. Late at night when her mom is asleep she opens the box of the headsets she plugs them in to her computer and puts them on. She said that after she put them on that she felt different she gets up and looks in the mirror and sees a different reflection she said she saw the reflection of Ursula that lady that they said was bad. After that she fell asleep wakes up the next morning to go hangout with friends the go out somewhere then she said she didn't remember what happened but that saw her friends have been killed. She said she thinks it was Ursula that made her kill her friends after that night she went her into her room and got the NeuroHeadsets and threw them away she thinks everything will be fine but that night she saw Ursula again...

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