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What To Expect From A Massage Session

There is a high likelihood that you will be shocked with what goes on in a massage parlor the first time you set foot in one. Knowing what to expect from the environment there as well as the masseuse who will attend to you can save you from one or two embarrassing moments. Here's what to expect from a typical massage session. For more details Book A massage.

Preliminary Information

Expect preliminary questions about your health and wellness goals from your masseuse before your session begins. Answer the questions clearly. Your therapist must take into account your medical history, stress levels, areas of physical pain and your physical condition. This is mainly because all these factors can determine the outcome of your therapy. The answer will also help the therapist to structure your session so as to achieve your health and wellness goals and avoid aggravating your injuries.


You will be requested to remove your clothing. You do not have to worry about this as you should only do this to your level of comfort. Your massage therapist will leave the room and allow you to get changed.


Expect a relaxing environment. Any massage session should be quiet enough to help you focus on nothing but enjoy the moment. This is often great in cities like London where everyone is always about their business. Your mobile masseuse London might also play some music during the session. Feel free to let the therapist know the music is distracting if you are not comfortable with it.