Patrick Demarchelier

Princess Diana, London

Background History on the Photo

Diana contacted Patrick Demarchelier in 1989 after she saw a picture of his in British Vogue. During the shoot, Patrick had a hard time getting Diana to relax, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted to capture Diana when she was smiling because in his opinion that's when she looked the prettiest. I believe this photo is famous because it captures Diana's essence perfectly and became iconic before/after her death. Patrick never touched the photos of Diana when she "looked both in control and sweetly vulnerable, with plenty of her typical coyness". This photo was taken in a studio and made him the first non-British personal portraitist for a member of the Royal Family.

My Opinion

I like this photo of Princess Diana, she looks very beautiful and happy. To me this photo of Diana is unique because it captures her as a princess and down-to-earth. If I could change anything, I would take away the white pillow Diana's holding. Despite that I think Patrick captured Diana's personality exquisitely, she's smiling and looks very content. There is also a touch of sadness in Diana's eyes that adds to her personality.