Washington Elementary

February 2021


Hello Washington Community!

This is Mr. Stenlund the Principal of Washington Elementary. We are working hard to prepare for the Hybrid Model! The hybrid model means that your child will come to in-person learning at school either on Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. On the days they are not in school there will be Canvas or Seesaw activities for students to be working on. PE and music classes will be done via Zoom on the days your child is not in school. The week of March 2nd is the first week of hybrid for K-1 students. The week of March 9th is the first week of hybrid learning for students in 2nd and 3rd grades. Finally the week of March 16th is the first day of hybrid for 4th and 5th graders. We are super excited to see your child in person, we will be following all State and District safety protocols to make sure that all students and staff are safe. This includes wearing face coverings, maintaining physical distance, and washing hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer. (Video links below.)

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email or call. My email is stenlund_scott@salkeiz.k12.or.us or call me at 971-599-6185.

Thank you,

Mr. Stenlund

Principal, Washington Elementary

English Hybrid PP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FmwsnjsvDia7XzPP12YSXiKyA1MbvJcZ/view?usp=sharing

English Hybrid Safety video https://drive.google.com/file/d/154HxWZ045nUNOVYY7kcqbW27ZK7ETOuv/view?usp=sharing



If your student needs to take medication during school hours, please call the office to schedule a time to bring medication in and complete the Daily Medication Administration Record form. Medication will not be administered unless accompanied by written parental consent and appropriate instructions.
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Key dates for Salem-Keizer Public Schools

February 15th - Presidents' Day

February 17th - Exclusion Day

March 2nd - Kindergarten and First grades to start Hybrid Learning

Exclusion Day - February 17th

Questions regarding what immunization(s) is/are needed can be answered by the school office.

Questions about available resources to receive immunizations can be directed to the Nurse Help Line at 503-399-3376.


Grab-N-Go Meals Updates 2021

With a new year comes new changes, including a few meal distribution updates!

Starting Tuesday, February 9th, all school Grab-N-Go meal sites will be open from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. This is an additional hour of service for the public to get meals. This change only applies at school sites, not bus sites. Bus sites will be open from 11 a.m. - 1p.m.

Go to this link for School Meal Locations and Bus Stop Meal Locations: https://salkeiz.k12.or.us/news/grab-go-meals-information-2021/

Breakfast, lunch and supper

We are now including suppers in the Grab-N-Go meal bag. Each bag contains breakfast, lunch and supper. If you are picking up multiple bags, we recommend bringing your own bag to help carry the amount of food being distributed.

Four previous locations are closed

Our Food Services team monitors daily usage at each of our locations. Occasionally, this means that some sites will close to consolidate with nearby locations. Also, we will no longer be distributing weekend meals; however, the inclusion of daily suppers will actually increase the amount of food distributed each week.


At the start of each school year, information from student registration forms is input into the student information database.

SchoolMessenger, the system the district uses to send out phone notification to parents, receives updated information from this database once each day.

It is very important that parents keep their contact information current.

Be sure to let your school office know if you have a new address, email or phone number.

The parent or guardian marked as the primary contact in the student information system will receive automated communication.

Messages will also be sent to the student’s home phone number contained in the database, if different from the primary contact phone number.

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Through the Oregon Health Plan, youth 19 years of age and younger have access to free health coverage, regardless of immigration status if they meet the income requirements.

More information, including income requirements and how to apply for coverage, is available online.



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