Personalized Learning-What Is It?

By: Boehning, Lavigne, Logan, Lowery, Smith and Turner

Definition and Clarification

Personalized learning is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners or for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations.

Personalization is broader than just individualization or differentiation in that it affords the learner a degree of choice about what is learned, when it is learned and how it is learned.


“To begin redesigning the learning environment to support how your learners learn best, choose four diverse learners from your class and assess their learner qualities. You can then set up multiple learning zones based on these qualities to provide all of your learners with choices in how to learn and express what they know and understand.”

“Schools may create or offer students a variety of learning pathways—i.e., a wider and more diverse selection of learning experiences.”
A Tour of the Cell
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Why I Flipped My Classroom

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