are they real or not?

The Real Cases

In Kentucky, the Callihan family got attached by a poltergeists. They were troubled by glass braking, flying objects, and furniture being over turned. A researcher, experienced at least two strange incidents. John Stump saw glassware slide across the counter, and saw a chair flip completely over. Also Dr. Roll saw a kitchen table leap into the air, and make a complete 360 land on the chairs that had been placed around it.

Quotes From The Experts

Scientists would never say " There's no such thing as a ghost"

From the book Ghosts And Poltergeists " They have punched and pummeled people, tossed knives"

some witnesses

Violent REAL Poltergeist Activity Caught On Video Tape

Our opinion

We believe that poltergeists are real, there is solid proof and evidence to support our theory.


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