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February 2019

The Tot Spot Early Education Academy

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Special Events and Birthdays!!

Welcome Hannah, Gianna, and Preston!!!

Goodbye to our dear friend Asher R.

Current Events:

February 14th - Family Valentine's Day Party ( 3-4:30) Please let your teacher know if you will be attending

February 22nd - Ms. Le Andra's 3rd Anniversary with TTS

Future Events:

March 15th - Closed for Teacher Conference

June 7 - Closed for Family Fun Day!!!!

Upcoming Zoo-phonics Friends

Week of February 4th: Kayo Kangaroo

Week of February 11th: Allie Alligator

Week of February 18th: Vincent Vampire

Week of February 25th: Review of K,A,V

New to our school? Check out links at the end of the newsletter to learn the sounds and Zoophonics song.

Valentine's Day Party!!

  • When: February 14th from 3:00-4:30pm
  • Please let your teacher know if you will be attending or not
  • If bringing in Valentine's cards The Sherlock's have 16 kiddos. Please have your child write "To My Friend From (their name)"

Let's Be Prepared!

We love Snow!! Well I don't, but all the kiddos love it and I love providing snow during the day so you don't have to worry about it at night. I'm hoping we get enough for a snowman at least once this season. So on days that we are in the clear to go outside, we will be out for at least 5-10 minutes. Please make sure to bring in hats, gloves, coats, and boots if you have them. Also make sure there is always a backup outfit in case we make snow angels or get our clothes too wet. Thank you :)

Vacations and PTO

Did you know we have a PTO? Interested in helping out? Please see Ms. LeAndra or Ms. Alisha.

Who do you contact concerning vacation credit? Asking a teacher will get you no where. Please email Mr. Mike at

In the Classroom!

Remind Me App: It's a free app that we're using to for simple reminders like show and share, friend of the week, physical due dates, etc. Our class code is 26kh9g

Sensory, Art, Science:

We're going to enjoy repeating some of our experiments from last month as well as exploring jazz, abstract painting, extinct animals, vibrations, sound waves, and healthy food choices. We also have an entire week dedicated to The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Fine Motor: We'll be cutting even more items with the goal of following along the lines. They will also spend some time just snipping away while concentrating on They will also be peeling many stickers and we have a few new counting and rhyming games using clothes pins.

Math: Repeat

Did you know we have snack math every day? Ask you kiddo what they learned at snack. This month we're going to be adding and subtracting with every art and fine motor activity. Before they rotate from an activity they will add up all their parts, tell the teacher, and then subtract all their parts.

Gross Motor: Repeat

Some days we only get out for 10 min so we've slowed down a bit on the structured game time. When they do have the opportunity to go outside I just want them to run around as much as possible.


  • Please don't forget show and share items for Thursday. You can bring them in anytime before Thursday if you'd like to make sure your kiddo has an item.
  • Don't forget to tell your kiddos to wash their hands in the morning at drop off.

Official Weather Closure Policy:

When bad weather or other emergency situations occur, it may be necessary for TTS to cancel, delay, or close school early. Parents should have a well-communicated plan in place in the event of these emergency situations.

The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority any time a decision must be made regarding school closures and delays during a weather situation. We review information from emergency management and state highway administrators about road conditions, and look to HSE schools for guidance.

Due to the speed of updating, the official @TotSpotSchool Twitter account is generally the first and fastest mode of communication. Other communication channels will be updated as quickly as possible including app, email, and other social media, and news stations. The app lags behind for some so Twitter is first.

Weather alert example

TTS tries to make decisions in the evening, taking into account that parents need time to make proper arrangements. But when there is a lot of uncertainty, we wait to get the latest morning forecast. The decision is typically made around 6:00.

TTS provides information about closings and delays in many ways including:

Posted to the TTS Twitter and Facebook pages.

Posted to Daily Connect App

Email and text messages sent to parents (using Procare).

Group Me sent to employees

Email sent to employees

Notifications sent to WTHR, RTV6, and WISH TV News

Tax Time is Approaching....

Dear Tot Spot Families,

I am sending this email because we are getting close to the end of the year and therefore close to tax season. Because of our changes from Rapid Tuition to Tuition Express there will be two-year end summaries (a mid year summary for Rapid Tuition and a year-end summary). I emailed all our families when we transferred from Rapid Tuition at the time of the change, so please check your email history for that email. As far as Tuition Express, every family has direct access to your billing receipts through . If you have already signed up with you are ahead of the game. However, if you have not, you can register from this link You will use the email you received this message from to login. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Thanks again,

Michael Ramsey

Winter is here!

As you all know cold season is here. Please help us prevent the spread of sickness by making sure to wash your kiddos hands in the morning before leaving. Talk to them about pretending to be an elephant and covering their mouth with their elbow (Use your sleeve, don't spread disease) Please encourage singing their hand washing song and most importantly....using the paper towel to turn the faucet off. Thank you for all your support in keeping TTS as healthy as we possibly can!!

Looking for some new books to celebrate Valentine's Day? Check out all the great books from Scholastic!! Scholastic will be sent out February 5th and will orders will be due February 14th. Our online code is HQ686

Healthy Start Wisdom From Ms. Alisha

Frozen Fruit Wands

These cute and healthy kabobs are a great yummy snack for every day or a valentines day party! All you need is watermelon, strawberries, skewers, and a heart shaped cookie cutter!

The Book Nook

Little Miss Planted a Kiss

Little Miss planted a kiss...

One small act of love blooms into something bigger and more dazzling than Little Miss could have ever imagined in this epic journey about life, kindness, and giving. Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter H. Reynolds team together to share a message of hope and to remind us all of the joys to be gained from being open and unselfish.

Plant a Kiss works to spark the imagination of the youngest readers, but it will also resonate with anyone, such as a new graduate, who responds to the power of planting a kiss. This board book edition has sturdy pages and is a good fit for small hands.

The Parent's Spotlight

Thank you!!!

  • Remember there is a suggestion box in the lobby, and we love to hear about ideas to enhance the learning environment for your children.

  • Thank you to the several parents who donated clothes, diapers, toys, and books

Would you like to donate?

We could use

· Corn Starch

· Food Coloring

· Musical Instruments

· Play-doh

· Empty Clean Plastic Jars (Mayo, PB, etc. Jar)

· EXPO Dry Erase Marker Cleaning Spray

· Scrap Paper

· Salt - Regular and Rock Salt

Is there ever a time when you say to yourself, " I wonder if The Tot Spot would want this"? We could use it in so many ways. You may have babies, but the whole school is yours. Everything can turn into a sensory activity or learning experience. So, before you throw out your junk, ask your teacher if it could be used

The Teacher's Spotlight

Question: If you could master any instrument what would it be and why?

  • Ms. Alisha: Guitar so I can be cool like Drew (Emmett and Asher's Dad).
  • Ms. Maggie: If I could master one instrument it would be the piano.I would want it to be the piano because it would help with my poor hand eye coordination, and posture.
  • Mr. Mike: Piano, because it’s soothing.
  • Ms. Le Andra: I would learn Guitar! I've always wanted to learn how to play
  • Ms. Katie: I would master the guitar. I played a little bit in high school, but then gave up and I would love to be able to sit outside around a fire and play/create music.
  • Ms. Erin: Drums because I like the double kick pedal, it's a challenge
  • Ms. Crystal: Violin, I played before but other interests and hobbies took over and I want to re-learn the instrument.
  • Ms. Rachel: The piano, I’ve always thought it was a beautiful instrument.

The Tot Spotter's Spotlight!!