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Hibernation Over

We have been hibernating to long and its time to get B.E.A.R. in back in action. We have funds to collect and events to plan. A special thanks to Eric for the fireworks and Alex and Laura for the fishing!

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B.E.A.R. Assassin

New 50/50 Game

These are the basics and a more detailed rule sheet will be posted. Everyone will carry an item on them. The last time I played this game we used toothbrushes. Everyone puts their name in a hat and draws someone else's name. Once the game officially begins you seek out your target at their home, work, grocery store or where ever you can find them. You touch them with you toothbrush (or whatever item we decide on) and tell them their dead. If they do not have their toothbrush they die and tell you their target. If they do have their toothbrush they are safe and now know who their assassin is. You can swap names and if someone is dormant for an extended period of time we can move them out of the game. We will have a game master who is not involved in the game. This game can last months but has the potential for a huge payout to both B.E.A.R. and the winner. I will be sending another newsletter soon with complete rules and how to sign up.
mc chris - Hoodie Ninja
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Christmas Party

We would like to have a B.E.A.R Christmas party. We need dates that work for people and people that are interested in hosting this event. Same as the summer picnic at the Chura's home we will register with an Evite.

Saint Leo the Great

I already contacted some of you and may call some yet. The school is raising money for their CCD (Sunday School) program and school tuition to help families who can not afford it. This is where Devon and I are members and send our son to school. Anyone who wants to donate please let me know. Asking for 5 dollar donations. Thanks to those members of B.E.A.R. who have contributed.