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May 13, 2016

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GREAT STUFF Going on In Our Schools

5 Brearley Soccer Players Sign Letters of Intent to play in college

There five players are all part of a very special club here at David Brearley. The vast majority of all players who play high school soccer will never experience the thrill of hoisting a state championship plaque into the air in victory. These guys were not only part of one state championship team, but two. They were all sophomores when they did it the first time. And then to come back just two years later and do it again as seniors and finish it off the way that they wanted was very special indeed.


Jake Santos- Kean, Marc Cunha- Kean, Justin Estremera- FDU-Florham Park, Christian Estremera-FDU- Florham Park, Juan Martinez- Berkeley College

Juan Martinez had a remarkable career at David Brearley. He played just about every position on the field. As a sophomore he was our “super sub” playing every single field position during that season. He then returned as a senior as a goalkeeper and allowed only one goal in the entire state tournament, collecting 4 shut outs in the process. He was All-Conference, All-County and All-State player. He will be bringing his talents to Berkeley College next fall.

Justin Estremera developed into a dominant attacking player. He was an All-Conference, All-County and All-State player in his senior year. He led the team with 20 goals in his senior season and finished with 37goals in the 59 games that he played for Brearley during his career here. He capped off a great season and a great career with the game winning goal in the state championship game.

Christian Estremera, he was an extraordinary defender at Brearley. He was an All-Conference and All-County player in his senior year. Chris started and played in 62 games at Brearley. He went from being a quiet but tough outside back as a sophomore to being a very vocal center back as a senior. He was certainly central to our defense at Brearley over the past 3 seasons.

It would be very difficult to find a better set of brothers playing soccer in NJ this past year than the Estremeras. And that may also be true next year in College as well, as the boys have both committed to play together again at the next level at FDU- Florham Park. FDU is twice as lucky as all the rest of the colleges.

And we had another Dynamic Duo that played at Brearley and who will also be attending the same college next year.

Marc Cunha- He was All-Conference, All-County and All-State player at Brearley. Marc gave us 61 starts and played in 70 varsity games over four seasons. In the past 20 years, only 7 players have played in more varsity soccer games at Brearley than Marc. He used his brain more than any other body part of his body to have success. His tremendous skill at dribbling and shielding was second to none. His ability to never lose the ball was a strong part of his game. But his intelligence as a soccer player is what is ultimately carrying him to the next level where he will play for Kean University next season.

Jake Santos- The other half of this dynamic duo was Jake Santos. He was also All-Conference, All-County and All-State player during his senior year. Jake had 62 starts and played in 69 games. He finished his career with 21 goals and 15 assists. Jake’s magical left foot, where he struck free kicks from all over park, connected on more than his fair share. His rare, special brand of talent, enthusiasm, confidence, and love for the game will allow him to shine next year as he goes on to put his talents on display at Kean University.

And coach McGowan fully hopes next year to see Marc & Jake continuing their patented pregame hand-shake that I came to love so much. It was great to watch best friends celebrate the chance to play together like they did before every game.

And to watch all of these players, who seemed to grow up, right here in the halls of David Brearley, be able to celebrate together afterward winning a second state championship makes it even more special. And to have 5 players from one team go on to play college soccer is truly very unique.

Local historian shares our community's rich history

Local historian Dr. Walter Boright visited David Brearley on May 11, 2016 to speak and present to the Middle School Academy students. Dr. Boright used aerial maps of Kenilworth to show the growth of the town and highlight major events that shaped our community. Students worked in groups to analyze maps, identify landmarks in Kenilworth, and answer questions about our town’s past. With the help of middle school social studies teachers Mrs. Westbrook and Mrs. Odin, students were able to participate in a fun game show question and answer activity with Dr. Boright using the maps and slides. Overall, students enjoyed learning about Kenilworth’s rich history while getting the opportunity to see historical pictures of the town’s roadways, buildings, and sites that no longer exist.

Mrs. Bedford's first grade class combine science and creativity

“To conclude the science unit on solids and liquids, Mrs. Bedford’s first grade class created characters out of recycled bottles. The characters had to do something with a liquid and use awesome science words like “transparent”, “viscous”, and “foamy”.

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Mrs. Grimaldi's students dissect worms

This week, students in grade 7 dissected worms in their science lab activity. This activity, while difficult, has also been fun as demonstrated by our students in these pictures.

Brearley Middle School Newsletter

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Harding School Participates again in Read to Roof

"For the third year Harding School is participating in the Read to Roof fundraiser through the Heart for People Foundation. Heart for People seeks to connect schools in the US with schools in Uganda to promote awareness and raise funds to aid the Ugandan schools. In 2014, participants raised $900 to put a roof on the Sirimula Community School, located in Kiboga Uganda. In 2015, Harding participants raised $1300 to put roofs on multiple school buildings at the Mugalula Community school in Namavundu, Uganda. This year we are partnering with the Rwenzori Valley School in western Uganda. Their schools needs a replacement roof to ensure students can attend through all seasons! We encourage all students to participate! The program begins on Monday, May 16 and runs through Friday, June 10. Please visit for more information on past and current projects.

Heart for People - Meet Lillian
The Mother's Heart
Heart for People - Meet David

Dr. Tramaglini's message about recent vandalism to our schools

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Educational Policy


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District to conduct re-registration of students

The Kenilworth Board of Education will be conducting a re-registration of all students presently enrolled in odd-numbered grades at Harding Elementary School and DavidBrearley Middle- High School. Parents with children enrolled in any of the following grades, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11, must re-register their children at the Harding School Gymnasium on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 from 2:00-6:00 PM and Wednesday, June 8, 2016 from 4:00-7:00PM.

This re-registration process will provide parents with the opportunity to update all student information for accuracy and ensure all children presently enrolled in the school district arelegal residents of Kenilworth and entitled to a free public education. With the rising costs ofeducating a child today, the Board of Education wants to ensure that Kenilworth taxpayersare paying for residents’ children only. Students not re-registered in June will not bepermitted to attend school in September until re-registration is completed.

is is a mandatory re-registration. If the student is not re-registered, he or she willnot be permitted to attend school in September.

The following documents must be brought to the Harding School Gymnasium on the day ofre- registration. The original document and a copy from each category below must be provided. All documents from Categories I, II, and III must be dated from April orMay of 2016. Information and re-registration forms are available

Category I
​(Must have one of the following.)

  1. Current Property Tax Bill
  2. Current Mortgage Statement
  3. Current Lease Agreement

Category II
(Must have one of the following.)

  1. Current Utility Bill of Residence
    • Gas
    • Phone
    • Electric
    • Cable

Category III
(Must have one of the following.)
Category IV
(If applicable, bring the following.)

  1. Current Financial Account Statement
  2. Current Pay Stub with Address
  3. Current State Agency Document
  1. Proof of Guardianship
    • Court Order
    • State Agency Placement Form

Re-Registration will be held at the Harding School Gymnasium
esday, June 7, 2016 from 2:00-6:00pm
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 from 4:00-7:00pm

Questions concerning re-registration may be e-mailed to the building-level administrators.
Harding Elementary School:
Brearley Middle- High School:

Re-Registration Forms

  • Click Here to download the Re-Registration Form for the 2016-17 school year.
  • Click Here to download the Re-Registration Announcement for the 2016-17 school year.
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