Leonardo Da Vince Inventions

By: Genesis Cervantes

Leonardo Da Vince

Leonardo Da Vince was a great, smart man!! He could draw, make statues, and he was an engineer. He created many things. Below are my favorite things that he created and the things that I didn't know he created!!! ( Did you know he created any of the following?!...........Be Honest!!)

Machine Gun

The machine gin, believe it or not, was invented my Leonardo Da Vince! I wonder how long it took him to draw that plan?! He had to draw the inside and out with a lot of detail!

The machine gun that he had planned was not a normal one. It couldn't fire multiple bullets from one barrel. It could however, deliver punishing volleys of gunfire at a rapid speed.

The machine gun that he planned however, was never built. He didn't like to create killing machines like this one. He had drew the plan so he could raise money and support his household.

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Did you know Leonard invented the parachute? I didn't. He invented it because he was fascinated about the idea of human flight. Like Leonardo said " it allows the man to throw himself from any great height without suffering and injury."If he didn't invent the parachute then SPLAT we would die!!!!!
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Thank You!!!

Thank you for you attention!!! I hope you liked it!!! (Did you learn something?!)