Cesar Chavez and His Journey

By Nina Petersen


"The fight is never about grapes or lettuce. It's always about people."


Facts About Cesar Chavez

  • Born March 31,1927 in Yuma Arizona.
  • He had 5 siblings and 8 children.
  • He married Helen Fabela Chavez.
  • He has fasted for 36 days.
  • Many celebrities have fasted with him.
  • He organized the first union of farm workers in California.
  • He was a believer in the Gandhi's social change.
  • Went 25 days of fasting for non-violence.
  • He won the Presidential Medal Of Freedom in 1994, Jefferson Awards for Public Service, and Pacem in Terris.
  • He died April 27, 1993 and more than 50,000 people came to his funeral.

Change in Society During Civil Rights Movement

Cesar Chavez was a Hispanic-American Labor leader who organized the first union of farm workers in the history on California, known as National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), along with another company transformed from workers' rights organizations into a union, as a result series of strikes in 1965. He was a believer in non- violence and would normally fast for days. Many of the reasons he would fast is because it isn't violent, he is taking a stand for what he believes in, and he is helping workers' get the rights they should get, for example good pay for the hours they work, treatment, and working conditions.

Facing Struggles

Cesar struggled with the amount he got payed, and this still happens today. There have been laws put in place, but the amount teachers get payed yearly isn't as much pay as they should get. They take care of other peoples kids for more than a whole year. They deserve more than what they actually get. People who's jobs are like baseball that's important, but it's not fair because teachers work harder and educate future generations. Some people may argue with this statement, but this is inequality just because the sports are popular, teachers jobs teach future generations and students that may even run the country.