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Goodmorning Mr ALigera and my fellow classmates. Today I will be talking about Japan

Where is Japan located

Japan is located in between the Pacific Oceans and Asia.Japandoes not share any of their island boundaries to any country Japan is close to North Korea,South Korea, China and also Russia.
Here is a picture of Japan's map
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Japan's Food

In Japan there are delicious foods such as tako - Yaki,Sushi,Sashimi and Tempura.


TakoYaki is a Japanese snack it is a shape of a round circle,and in side those round circles are octopus tentacles.TakoYaki is normally served with this type of sauce which is also similar to Worcestershrie sauce and Mayonnaise.


Dango is a a sweet,glutinous sticky rice ball.Te thing that make dango sweet is the nice crushed or pasted beans,and on top of the dango is some sweet soy sauce or maybe beans.Small dango are often 3-4 skewered on a stick.

Here are some food picture's

What are Japan's fun places

he fun places are Mount Fuji,Tokyo Stytree,Tokyo DisneyLand.

Mount Fujii

Mount Fuji is located in an island called Honshu Island it is the highest mountain in Japan it is around 3.776.24cm Mount Fuji was an active stactovolcano in 1707-1708,Mount Fuji lies around 100 kilometers in South-West of Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a broadcast it is even a restaurant and a observation tower in Sumida Japan Tokyo.It is the tallest structure in Japan since 2010 it reached it's full height 634.0cm meters in 2011

Tokyo Disney Land

Tokyo DisneyLand is a an 115-acre theme park.It is located in Urayasu ,Chiba Japan near Tokyo.It's main gate is directly adjacent to both Maihama Station to Tokyo Disneyland Station.

Here are some pictures of Japan's fun places