Madeleine Johnson


Taiga is located in Canada, Europe, and Asia. It is Warm in Summer and Cold in Winter. This is the largest Biome in the world.


There is a bird called Bohemian Waxwing they eat fruit and berries and can catch flies. This bird lives in the forest part of the Taiga. There is also a Pine Grosbeak it feeds on cherries and also seeds and sometimes insects in the summer. There is one more animal I will talk about, and it is a mammal, it is a Moose in the winter it feeds on woody plants but in the summer it feeds on water plants. This animal is the biggest deer. The Black American Bear is another animal I will talk about. These bears when they are born weigh about 8oz, when they get older there speed will get up to about 25mph and it's length is about 6ft from nose to tail. The black bear lives up to 25yrs. There is one more animal I will be talking about and it is The Bobcat it is about 2 feet and its tail only is about 8in, the Bobcat gets its name from the tail. The bobcat changes two different colors during winter and summer of course, but e colors are gray and stripped. The weight of a Bobcat is about 20pds.


Taiga has A LOT of trees, there is just millions of acres. It is just unbelievable that there are so many trees. There are also some needles, they are thin and waxed colored. These needles can stay on the same tree for 15 years!!! In the taiga it is VERY VERY VERY cold cause it snows a lot. There is also another plant called The Balsam Fur is a mediumish kind of plant, it can grow around 80ft tall. It has a wide base but very narrow kind of top. The maximum growing date is 200yrs... THE ONE PLANT!! That is long!!! Each needle is about 1 1/2 inches long. There is another called The Black Spruce. This is a huge tree, it can grow to be 23ft tall. The needles on it are a blue-green color, and the branches are short and pointing downwards. There is another one and it is called The Paper Burch. This tree has very thin bark and the color of the bark it yellow. This tree can grow up to 75ft maximum, these trees grow and cluster up like a pair, or sometimes even more than a 2. There are many kind but I picked this one. And the last one I will be talking about is The Jack Pine. This tree grows somewhere near twenty seven meters tall. The bark is a Red-Brown color. This tree has very long and slider twigs. They are like a reddish color. The seeds by there self are a dark brown and 5 millimeters long. This tree gives most animals in the Taiga there nutrients.


In the winter it is some where in between -65*F and 30*F. I could NOT live with that!! That is freezing! But in the summer it will get also somewhere in between 20*F and 70*. That is like our winter! It gets so HOT during the summer here! Most people, if they came here during the winter would most likely not live. In the taiga you will see that they have long nights. In the summer animals migrate and there are millions if bugs!!


Precipitation is high throughout the year with snow, which is during the winter months. There is a lot of snow during winter cause it gets so cold. The leafs start to freeze and so do all of the lakes or ponds. You could go skating on them. But put a lot of clothes on. It will be freezing. There is about 15 to 20 inches!!!

General characteristics

The Taiga biome is sometimes called the coniferous forest, it gets that because it is the home of many coniferous trees. Like, pine, spruce, fir, and many more. When in the Taiga it feels like only 2 seasons cause all the rest are fast. They are summer and winter.

Weather and climate

There is a cold climate in the Taiga, there is around 6 months that the temperature is below freezing! And during summer there is only 50 to 100 days where there is no snow. That is just unbelievable. The average temperature a year is about 32*F.


The Rocky Mountains are located in the Taiga Biome. The Rocky Mountains reaches 14,000ft into the sky. The continental drift is what makes hikers want to come and visit or climb here. The animals that live on the Rocky Mountains are on here because the range covers so much area. There are 66 species of animals living on the Rocky Mountains today.

Bodies if water

There is a lake in Calafornia it is called The Jack London Square it is named after the author Jack London. It is beautiful at dawn. This is located in Oakland at the South end of Broadway. The picture is the dock. And it has a lot of sail boats.


There is a Jack London Lake with islands and a mountain behind it.it is beautiful during the winter. With snow on the tippy top of the mountain.


In autumn the canyons in taiga are beautiful!! They have leavs different colors and some falling off. There are two major Rivers located by this canyon and they are Oulanka River and the Kitkajoki River. This canyon is The Oulanka NP.

Human impact

Hunting for the Taiga animals is one of the human impacts, you have to have food if you run out if some or got lost. Another is cutting down trees in the forest, you also have to have some warmth cause we all know it is freezing in the Taiga. Another is global warming.

Catastrophic events

In the Taiga Biome it is so cold most people can't live there, they don't have a big population at all!! The temperate get below freezing even at summer. I could never live in that!! The highest in the summer is 70*F, and for us it is regular to get somewhere in the 100*F