Brains and Emotions

by Malachi Evans

What are emotions and what is the brain ?

Emotions are natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood or relationships with others.

Your brain is a type of organ that contains soft tissues and also holds knowledge that can be used for later in the future.

First step of emotions

Emotions work when you either feel happy, sad, nervous, or anxious then the emotions go through the RAS located in the lower back of the brain. The RAS then receives input from sensory nerves that come from nerve endings in your eyes, ears, mouth, face, skin, muscles, and internal organs and meet at the spinal cord.

If you are having a good day

If you keep your RAS filter open more information can get to your brain but, it first goes through the prefrontal cortex which is on your forehead. You will be able to achieve more things like getting your work done, or moving on in a specific area.

If your day is not so good

Say if something happened at your house or with friends and it really has you down your

RAS will be closed and will block any information out. For example you might not hear what is for homework, what is your next class assignment, or whatever you do next.

How this relates to children

Little things bother children like someone throwing something at them or taking their pencils. Thats why teachers need to start doing more classroom activities like circle time when you share a little about what you have done that day or snack time when you can talk to other children about whatever.

What some teachers do

Some teachers just ask the kids what is wrong if something happened to them and they will say either what happened, go sit down, or just ignore it. When I was little in kindergarten my friend Tyler was sick off of some food and he threw up on this girl's hair. My teacher did not do any thing but clean up the mess.

Some activities to keep happy

Some activities consist of outside time playing because that can talk to their friends and have fun on the different equipment, another could be snack time because all children like to eat food and it keeps them happy. Finally in circle time you can talk about a topic and let the kids become creative and think of some cool ideas.