Puna lu'u Beach

By Bre Meilleur ;)

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Where am I?

This beach is located in Hawaii, so part of the united states but in the middle of the pacific @ 19.136N , 155.505W

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What type am I?

  • Active coast because although I'm not ton the edge of a plate, the hot spot that this beach sits on causes it to have tectonic activity
  • Primary coast because Puna lu'u is on an island created by a hot spot, not shaped by waves
  • Emergent, this is a beach that literally emerged from the water.
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Whats on my shore?

  • The sand on this beach is black, from igneous rock, basalt
  • The waves are relatively choppy and there are lots of rocks (aka dangerous for swimming)
  • The water is super clear and blue
  • This beach is the natural habitat of endangered green turtles!
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