Charles Barkley

The life of Charles Barkley

The Early Life and Struggles

  • While Charles Barkley was growing up, he had many life struggles. He was born on February 20th 1963 In Leeds, Alabama. While he was growing up he suffered from anemia and required a complete blood transfusion at the little age of six weeks. His parents divorced when he was just a baby. On top of that when he was in grade school his father was killed in a car crash. Then they had a lot of mortgage trouble with their house.
  • He also got bullied because he was so big and fat compared to other kids his age.

Later in Life

When he was in the 10th grade he did not make his high school basketball team. He was five foot ten and very chubby. So he did not gave up. As his training he jumped over a four foot tall chained link fence and shot baskets by himself every day of every week. His mom said, " Most of the kids his age got fancy clothes or cars. But Charles said 'Momma, one day I will buy you a house and cars or whatever you want' '' Then, in the summer Charles grew. From 5 foot ten to six foot four. From 220 pounds to 245 pounds. He was the star starting power forward of his high school varsity team, and got a scholarship to the university of Auburn for basketball. There, he was the leading blocker three years in a row, SEC player of the year, and had his number retired by Auburn. He majored in business management.

In the NBA

Charles Barkley entered the 1984 NBA draft with the more commonly known Micheal Jordan. He was selected by the Philadelphia 76'rs as the fifth overall pick. He was then on the Phoenix Suns and finally the Boston Celtics.

Here is a timeline of his life.

Blog posts

1. Hi everybody. Today my parents broke out into a huge argument and, well, my mom filed a divorce. So now my mom and dad are no longer together but my dad still sends money.

2.Well, my dad died a few years ago in a car crash. It was a sad time but last year I got cut from my high school basketball team but this year.

3. This will be my last post for a while because I just got drafted to the Philadelphia 76'rs! I have been working hard and and I am so exited! Thank you for listening.

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Interesting Facts

He threw a man through a glass window, he was on the 1992 Dream Team, he has a wife and kids, and he is on the TNT show NBA game time.
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