Pre-K Newsletter

What is Happening in Pre-K

Hello Pre-K Families!

Thank you to those of you who volunteered your time last week for the May Crowning! It was a lovely day and I know the students enjoyed the festivities! We have a busy week of fun learning ahead of us! Here we go:

Spiders! Spiders! Spiders!

This week we will focus on spiders!


Counting, sorting, and writing our numbers. More pattern work as well as compare/contrast. Big/small, long/short, etc.

Language Arts

Still working more on our letters sounds. We are also reading in class and working on retelling a story. This weeks letter is the letter V.

God's Time

David Sang His Prayers! (This will be based on 1 Samuel 16:11b-12, 2 Samuel 5:4-5, Psalm 23, and Psalm 25)

As a class we will read a story of God's friend David and how he liked to sing his prayers. We will then discover as a class that we too can sing our prayers to God! We will use our singing voices to thank God for all he has given us.


All about Spiders. Did you know spiders have 8 legs and 8 eyes?! We will focus on learning even more about spiders such as: spiders come from eggs and not ALL spiders spin webs. We will also go on a garden hunt. Can we spy with our eyes a web or a spider.... Finally we will create our own spiders using things we can find in the classroom!

Show and Tell- V is for van, volcano, vine......

Friday is show and tell. Please help your child find something that has the letter v in it.

Week At A Glance


Tuesday-Gym and Library



Friday-Show and Tell