By: Allie H

What is weather?

Weather is the conition of the atmopher at a certin place or time. Temperature is a big part of weather. Temperature is how hot or cold it is outside. Plus it is mesherd with a thermomiter wich meshers in celsius and fahrenhight.

What is percipitation?

Precipitation is water that floated up to form clouds then got pulled back to the ground from gravity as rain snow sleet or hail.

How do tornados form?

Tornados usually form during thunder storms. They start to form by winds moving in different directions and it starts to spin. Then it moves up into a cloud, then it descends down when cooler air starts to move in. Then it is a tornado!

Why are no two snowflakes alike?

They are not alike based on where the water molecules freeze up in clouds. Also how humid it is out side. The colder it is when they fall the pointer they get. The hotter the flater.