Hillel’s Hanukkah Party

All together now !

Our special one time Event all students from all around!

Do you want to meet new Jewish friends that are just nearby?

Come play Dreidel ,bingo and enjoy some delicious food.

Each Campus will make 3-5 min presentation about who are the members,

how the university look like some activities that they had done in the past and they want to share.

We encourage everyone to bring a menorah if you have one so that we can light them together.

RSVP by November 26, 2013

By joining the Facebook event

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Hillel’s Hanukkah Party

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

4600 Sunset Ave.


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Hillel’s Hanukkah Party

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For more info or questions please contact us:

Hanna Holman- hpholman@butler.edu

Roy swisa- Shaliach@jfgi.org