Steel City Dots


Top in Sales & Sponsoring:

Top in Qualified Sponsors

Leslie Herrion: 2

MJ Malie: 1

Lynn Brown: 1

Lauren Pintar: 1

Top in Sales

Leslie Herrion: 3027 PCV

Rachel Schwemmer: 2932 PCV

Amy Mallory: 2113 PCV

Kelly Smith: 1782 PCV

Lisa Ryan: 1700 PCV

Theresa McCulloch: 1635 PCV

Janis Jensen: 1551 PCV

MJ Malie: 1505 PCV

Christine Kirby: 1169 PCV

Christen Chiri: 1058 PCV

Kristin D'Aiello: 1040

Don't forget about the amazing Foundation Challenge this month:

With the launch of our new Foundation Bracelets we just had to create a challenge for such an amazing cause.Would you like to be 1 of our 10 lucky Stylists who will travel to NYC this Fall to rebuild and renovate a school in the Bronx alongside our charity partner buildOn? Winners will also get to spend time in the NY Design Studio to meet the team, get a sneak peek of the upcoming collection, and a styling session with the Merchandising and Design teams. See stylist lounge for more details.