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Weekly Newsletter - January 29, 2021

Message from the Superintendent

Dear Friends,

January is a busy month for the school department as we begin to develop the FY22 budget. Listening sessions have recently occurred with all school staff as well as between our cost center managers and their prospective schools and departments. This provided an opportunity to solicit feedback from our employees regarding the upcoming budget which does assist us with framing a new budget for the coming year. Concurrently, each cost center manager is working diligently with identifying their top three significant needs and how they may address them through reallocation of current resources.

On another note, we recently learned that the color coding system currently being used by schools provides some flexibility with teams practicing with the intention team competitions could begin no sooner than February 8. This would allow time for teams to work on conditioning and practices to provide time to evaluate the effectiveness of safety protocols. Please see the the attached link from our Athletic Director Mr. Michael LeGage whose letter explains this in full detail. SHS Sports Update

With news from Augusta, we have been asked by the Department of Education in Augusta to distribute this brief survey to our larger school community. In short, residents in Maine are being asked to complete a survey the Maine Broadband Coalition has launched a statewide internet speed test mapping initiative. They are soliciting feedback to gather data which will inform them as to what steps are crucial with ensuring the delivery of broadband throughout the state. For more detail read the Maine Broadband Coalition Press Release.

Lastly, I was pleased to hear this afternoon from the Maine Department of Education that Cumberland County’s positivity rate dropped to 3.6%, below the statewide average of 3.9%, and its new case rate dropped by 25%. Cumberland County is no longer in the yellow and now is back in the green category.

Marching forward!

Sanford Prince

Weekly SPS COVID-19 Update

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News from the Board of Education

At the January 7th meeting, the Board of Education reviewed their two main goals that were collaboratively created during a workshop held on December 17, 2020. These goals, along with the Board’s operating protocols, serve as the foundation for all committee and board work, and will be voted on to formally approve at the February 4th board meeting.

The first goal for the board is to continue to “promote and grow a district wide culture of trust, inclusion and collaboration” which will include action items such as: quarterly, staff driven workshops, an improved feedback loop with staff, and the creation and support of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee.

The second goal is to “establish a plan to address current facility needs for our future service capabilities''. This goal includes a commitment to funding the necessary planning costs through the budget process, increased collaboration and communication with the Town Council on these needs, and potential formation of subcommittees to promote awareness of these needs within the community. While not an official goal, the board will also be heavily engaged in the hiring of a new Superintendent in the coming months as we prepare to say goodbye to Mr. Prince when he retires in June.

Successfully achieving these goals will require everyone’s involvement: parents, community members, staff, administration, and the board. Please continue to read the weekly district newsletter, the town’s bimonthly newsletter, and board communications for the various ways you can become involved in working towards these goals. Doing so will ensure we continue the tradition of excellence in Scarborough Schools!

Your Feedback is Requested

As you have been reading in previous correspondences, Scarborough Public Schools is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity at all levels. Two new components of this work include the creation of a district steering committee and the formulation of a partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium.

The next key early action step involves gathering feedback from stakeholders, including students, staff, families and the larger community.

Please endorse this work by taking a few minutes to complete this Parent/Community Climate Survey designed by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, the link to which is here. All results will be anonymous. Your feedback will be critical in assisting the Steering Committee in the development of a long term action plan for Scarborough Public Schools.

Surveys will be open until February 5. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, and thank you in advance for taking the time to share your experiences and perspectives

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2021-2022 Kindergarten Pre-Registration

We are eager to welcome our newest Kindergarten students to Scarborough Public Schools! We are currently planning for Fall 2021 and will be able to release more information about what school will look like later this spring. If you have a child who turns 5 on or before Oct. 15, 2021 and you are considering sending them to school in the fall, please complete this form. Formal registration packets will be available on our website at a later date.

The information you provide is important for us to accurately plan for the number of classrooms, teachers and materials we will need in the fall. Please complete the form so we can contact you through email with updates and news about the 2021-2022 school year as the situation evolves and decisions are made. We will hold registration appointments at each school later in the Spring.

2021-2022 Pre-Registration Form

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In a typical year, it is our classroom staff who create a world of learning for our students and find ways to engage each student to meet their individual needs. This year has demanded new ways of doing things on a daily basis including engaging in person and remote students at the same time, recreating plans and lessons, and reminding our students a smile CAN be seen behind the mask. Our staff has done all of this and more, demonstrating their dedication to and mastery of their profession.

Our teachers are the role models, the innovative leaders, the committed advocates, and trusted resources our students depend upon each and every day. This is our chance to share this knowledge with the rest of the state by nominating that special someone for County Teacher of the Year!!

Educate Maine and the Maine Department of Education will be selecting 16 recipients for this honor; recognizing those teachers who advocate for their students at every opportunity, ensuring they have the tools and resources necessary to accomplish their craft, and more importantly are nominated for their dedication by their community. Please take a moment to nominate a member of our staff for their work. The nominations are open until February 5th and the winners will be announced in May! Let’s show the state what we already know - the teachers of Scarborough Public Schools are the best!

Where Are The High School Students This Week?

Getting Ready for Band

A big thank you for everyone's efforts in preparing for the SHS band to begin practicing and performing safely. We are all very excited about the possibilities!

Upcoming SPS Events - Mark Your Calendar!

SPS Revised School Calendar

  • February 4 - School Board Meeting
  • February 5 - Parent/Community Climate Surveys Due
  • February 5 - Maine Teacher of the Year Nominations Due
  • February 15 - Presidents' Day
  • February 15 - 19 - School Vacation

Fully Remote Preparedness Plans

Linked here, you will find an overview to Scarborough Public Schools Fully Remote Preparedness Plan, which was shared with the School Board at their December 3, 2020 meeting. Although our goal is to maintain in person learning to the greatest extent possible, there needs to be adequate staffing to facilitate in person learning.

SPS District Email Newsletter Signup

Share the news! Please let any community members, who do not currently have students enrolled in a Scarborough School, know that they too can stay in touch with the latest happenings in the schools and the district. By simply going to the SPS website and selecting the "District Communications" tab on the left, they can enter their name and email address and we will send along our weekly news to them. If you have a student(s) in the district and you are already receiving our newsletter - no need to sign up (if you do, you will receive duplicate newsletters from us).
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Health & Safety

Please make sure you review the UPDATED Student Health Self Assessment questions EVERY DAY before sending your child off to school.

TOGETHER, we can make our schools as safe as possible!

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Links to Our Schools

Tech Support

For technology assistance with SPS student laptops, please send a message to and someone from Technology will be in touch to assist you.