Ms. Craig and Mrs King's Class

The Week of February 8th

What's Going on This Week?

Tomorrow in math, we will be having a Topic 10 Test over Order of Operations and Algebraic Expressions and Equations. Students will be expected to know how to solve equations with variables and write expressions after reading a word problem. This has been a neat learning experience for them, as most of them had never seen a variable before in math! At the the of this week, we will be starting Topic 11, on ordered pairs and graphing on the coordinate grid. Students should be familiar with this concept, as we have been practicing it throughout the year.

In science, we are looking at weather, climate and the water cycle. Students will have a short quiz over this on Thursday. We will be constructing an interactive diagram of the water cycle on Wednesday.

In reading, we will be focusing on poetry this week. Students will get to interpret the meaning of the lyrics of popular songs and create their own image poem. We are finishing our final drafts for Wax Museum and will begin memorizing them next week.

In social studies, we will continue to concept of Westward Movement as students create a Lewis and Clark journal.

Friendship parties are on Friday! Remember to sign up through the link we sent last week if you would like to volunteer at those.

Also, if you would like to volunteer with either of our classes for Book Fair Preview or shopping, please follow the link below to sign up.

Be in the Know!

What's Coming Up?

2/10 Topic 10 Math Test

2/11 Weather Quiz

2/12 Friendship Parties/ Final Draft for Wax Museum Speeches Due

2/15 No School- Student Holiday

3/3 Open House/ Wax Museum Presentations

3/7-3/11 Spring Break

3/16 Invention Fair due