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You have your oils...now what!!??

Im so excited for you to get started! If you haven't already received your oils, they should be coming any day now! There is a lot to learn and it can seem overwhelming at first! Its important to remember your not just handed your oils and left to figure it out on your own!! We are buying oils from a company that VALUES education and is committed to providing resources to you along the way. Most important- I'm here and always willing to help point you in the right direction. Chew off a bit at a time….the more you use the more you use the resources mentioned below, the more you will know and the more comfortable you'll get!!

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Modern Essentials Book

This is like your oil Bible. Its an amazing reference; it was the very first thing I bought, even before I bought a kit. You can find this on amazon in many different editions- all are super, the newer additions just have the complete list of oils that are currently available. http://www.myoilbusiness.com/Modern-Essentials-6th-Edition-Updated-Sept-2014-_p_4760.html

Great videos!

You don't need to do doTERRA as a business to use this site! the first 6 steps will walk you through how to access your online account, explain LRP, and explain how you can earn money with doTERRA, even if your goal is simple like getting your oils paid for! Poke around this is a super helpful site!