Boston Massacre

March 5th 1770


The Boston massacre started out as some patriots throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks at a British soldier, then a squad of British troops show up to help the soldier who was hit by the objects. later leading to 3 people shot and killed and 2 people dying by gun wounds. one of the officers capt. Thomas Preston was arrested for manslaughter along with 8 of his other troops.

Causes of this

On march 5th 1770 a group of colonists (patriots) stand outside the customs house and taunt the british soldiers who stand guard. the patriots were protesting the occupation of british troops who were sent to boston to enforce the taxation passed by british parliament.


Colonists were majorily outrraged because of what they had seen. many patriots even released pictures and engravings to portray the british soldiers in the most viscious way possible.

who and what areas were affected

both the colonists and british troops/gov were affected by this because the troops were exiled from the country and colonist were killed. also started later conflicts for british gov and american gov. all colonies that had troops occupying them were affected by this event.

british and colonies relationship afterwards

after the boston massacre the relationship between the two went downhill. the british were upset about having the troops removed to not occupy the taxes, and the colonies were outrraged because of the killing that occured.