things you need to know if you want to go there

religious dress


women who are married wear a mangalsutra around their neck which is a necklace tied around the brides neck by the groom on the day of the wedding women wear a traditional dress called a sari or a salwarkameez it consists of two parts the two parts are called tunic that covers loose trousers during worship or other appropriate times women would cover their heads


some men wear a dhoti kurta a chaddar which can be wrapped round the shoulders and torso during cold weather and a churidar during worship prayer or festival days

Basic beliefs of the religion


they believe in religions such as


In dharma if you make a promise that promise must be kept at all cost you could think of dharma as the yellow brick road if you start to follow it and you want to get somewhere you have to keep following that yellow brick road


another belief they believe in is karma

karma is where a person experiences the affects of his or her actions in karma the saying is what c around goes around as if you do something bad something bad will happen to but you do not know when it is going to happen to you and you do not know what it could be but there can also be good karma if you do something good then something good will happen to you


samsara is known as reincarnation also known as rebirth

samsara represents the cycle of life, death, rebirth in which a person carries his or her own karma each life cycle presents an opportunity for balance so an individual may experience effects from past life's


moksha is where you do not be reborn you are released from samsara and you are union with god

common foods to eat and not to eat

common foods to eat

the Hinduism have a strict vegetarian diet so they only eat a lot of vegetables

the foods to avoid

beef because of the cow it is the sacred animal also fish poultry and eggs

religious ceremonies, holy days and holidays


Hindu holidays represent the cycle of nature it has been said that Hinduism have holidays for everyday of the year Hindu festivals are intended to purify