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Week 18 Newsletter

Our Community Day

Today was a great day despite the daylight savings time adjustment & rain. National Pi Day made it that much more fun thanks to our creative tutors! The Pie in the Face Game was a perfect way to review our grammar today.

Special thanks to Lilianne who facilitated our Lunch & Learn on Devotions. My hope is that you all walked away encouraged and inspired with new resource ideas and tips for your families.

We will continue to have visitors frequently since many families are looking this time of year, thanks for making them feel so welcome.

Sign ups for camp and Memory Master/Subject Star will be by the mailboxes for 1 more week. Next week is Pizza Day!

Next week starts our 4th Quarter and our fine arts moves to studying the Orchestra and Famous Composers. This means a slight schedule shift for the last 6 weeks as we will be doing the Orchestra component together in the Chapel during our morning opening. We will be upstairs until 9:50am. We will do Orchestra with everyone so childcare will begin at 9:50am as well.

Have a blessed Homeschool Week!

Week 18 Lesson Plans

This is a general list of resources that your tutors used this week to introduce the Memory Work. These resources are available to all parents through CC CD's or App and CC Connected (C3) if subscribed.

History: CC Song

Latin: CC Song & C3 Visual by kbrenneman83

English: C3 Helping Verbs Song by marykbry

Science: C3 Types of Ocean Floor Song by Skimball13014

Timeline: CC Song & ASL Hand motions by RafikiPaka

Math: C3 Area of a Circle by txmap

Geography: CC Maps in Foundation Guide & C3 Mesoamerica Song by lbbcyouthpastor

Week 18 Book & Video Correlations

Here are some resources to supplement this week's memory work. These are great if your student wants to learn more and or needs to do some reading.


  1. Mystery of History Vol 1 L48 p164-165
  2. Usborne History Encyclopedia p176-177
  3. Usborne Who Were the First North Americans
  4. Netflix: National Geographic-Dawn of the Mayas
  5. Youtube: The Maya, Aztec, Olmec-Ancient Americans
  6. Youtube: The Mound Builders Clip


  1. Amazon Prime: Earth From Above-Seas and Oceans
  2. Amazon Prime: ocean Mysteries *all 3 seasons*
  3. Usborne Geography Encyclopedia p70-71
  4. Netflix: National Geographic-Amazing Planet Episode 2 Ocean Realms
  5. Netflix: Planet Earth Episode 11 Ocean Deep
  6. Usborne Under the Sea
  7. Youtube: Seaflloor Features and Landforms


  1. ---Computer Review Game


  1. Dictionary of Math p57

Map Challenge

As a community our goal is to trace 5,000 maps this year. Remember to encourage your children to trace maps daily. This can include tracing the weekly memory work features, tracing whole continents, tracing the world map, and even blobbing.

Our current number is: 4,388

Important Dates

March 21: Community Day 19 -- Pizza Day!

March 28: Community Day 20 -- Lunch & Learn Portfolios & Games

April 4: Community Day 21 -- Open House

Week 19 Presentations

Each week a family is selected to give a 5 minute presentation during the morning opening. It can be about anything they would like to share with the group about their lives, interests, history, hobbies, etc..

Family Presentation: Snyder family presents on Fawthorp family

Each week the students will also give a 2-3 minute presentation to hone their public speaking skills. We provide suggestions for each week, but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Student Topic Suggestion: Recite your favorite hymn or praise song-Memorize and recite the lyrics to your favorite hymn or praise song

Student Skill: Expression- Make your voice interesting by varying your tone and volume and using pauses to enhance your presentation

Tip to Homeschooling Classically

You Can’t Disciple Your Kids if You’re Not Being Discipled by Jesus

The way you interpret any knowledge is through your worldview. Your worldview is shaped by your beliefs. Your beliefs come from an intimate, personal relationship with the Living God. If you’re walking with Him daily, He will disciple you just like He discipled the first Christians. If you want to teach your kids the truth about life, you’ve got to know the Truth yourself.

Commit to spending quiet time with Him every morning before the family wakes up. Grab your Bible and a journal, and let Him instruct you in His character, His passions, and His purposes. The better you know Him…the better disciple you will be; your relationship and knowledge of Him will directly impact the education of your children. You want to raise little image-bearers who reflect His glory everywhere they go and through everything they do.

At the end of the homeschooling journey, the Lord will not judge you on how much book knowledge you were able to impart to the kids. He’s concerned about how much your kids learned about Him through the Christian home education they received.

Are you walking with Jesus every day? That’s the secret to giving your homeschool kids a Christian education. You can teach Scripture, orthodoxy, and Church History, but if your relationship with the Living God is not authentic, the other is for naught. Every important relationship needs constant, regular conversation, and your walk with Jesus needs daily attention, too, if you want to thrive and give your kids what they need to live life fully.

-Diane Lockman

Enjoy the Homeschooling Process!

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