YLS Winter Break Survey

March 15, 2016

5 Adar 11, 5776

Dear Parents,

Over the past years a common topic of discussion has been the placement of winter vacation.

Together with Kohelet Yeshiva High School, Torah Academy, and Politz Cherry Hill, YLS is conducting a survey of its parent body to hear your thoughts on this issue. We would like to see if we can find a balance between parent preference and optimizing the education of our children.

We understand that this impacts many families who have their children in different preschools, lower schools and high schools and we are endeavoring to see if there is strong support for a change in this area that can be effected across the board for our wonderful community schools.

Please fill out the simple survey by clicking here.

We are aware that families may have children in multiple schools and please note that each family may fill out the survey only ONE time per school.

Thank you,

Mrs. Becky Troodler